How to reach the con­fer­ence

The con­fer­ence will take place at the De­part­ment of Eco­nomics and Sta­tis­tics ("Di­par­ti­mento di Scienze Eco­nomiche e Sta­tis­tiche") of the Uni­ver­sity of Udine in Via Francesco Toma­dini 30.

The fol­lowing map shows the dif­ferent lo­ca­tions where the con­fer­ence events will take place:
  1. The main con­fer­ence venue (via Francesco Toma­dini 30)
  2. The wel­come re­cep­tion (Loggia del Li­onello)
  3. The Sunday 22 pre-reg­is­tra­tion desk (Palazzo Gar­zolini di Toppo Wasser­mann)
  4. The gath­ering point for the ex­cur­sion and so­cial dinner buses (Pi­azza I Mag­gio)

Reaching the venue by bus

Many bus stops near the con­fer­ence venue allow it to be easily reached by bus from any­where in the city. Bus tickets can be bought at most news­stands, bars and to­bacco shops. All the bus lines of the city pass through the cen­tral railway sta­tion. To reach the city center by bus from the railway sta­tion all the bus lines have to be taken from the bus stop di­rectly out­side the sta­tion (Stazione Fs Lato Fs). Sug­gested bus stops are listed here in order of walking dis­tance from the con­fer­ence.

Bus line Bus stop Stops from railway sta­tion Walking dis­tance to venue
No. 9 or no. 8 Via Treppo 35 5 stops 1 mins
No. 2 Via Treppo 22 4 stops 2 mins
No. 7 or no. 10 Via S.Agostino Fronte 2 6 stops 3 mins
No. 4 V.le Tri­este 84 4 stops 7 mins
No. 3 or no. 1 Via Vit­torio Veneto 6 4 stops 9 mins

How to reach Udine

By train

From other lo­ca­tions in Italy

Be­sides a few di­rect con­nec­tions with Rome and Mi­lan, reaching Udine by train from al­most any­where else in Italy in­volves changing at the Venice railway hub sta­tion Venezia Mestre (not Venezia S. Lu­ci­a!). To reach Udine from Venezia Mestre you can board trains having Udine as final des­ti­na­tion as well as Tri­este C.le (via UDINE).


When boarding a train from the Venezia Mestre sta­tion headed to Tri­este, please note that only those marked as (via UDINE) stop at Udine.

To check timeta­bles and/or buy tickets you can visit the Tren­i­talia web­site. When looking for timeta­bles from Venezia Mestre or nearby lo­ca­tions (e.g. Tre­vi­so), be sure to check the Re­gional search op­tion. Tickets can be bought on­line, at the sta­tion ticket shop, or at au­to­matic vending ma­chines.

From Vi­enna

Udine is di­rectly con­nected to Vi­enna by the rail­way. Trav­el­ling from Vi­enna to Udine could take less than 7 hours (de­pending on the train cho­sen). Check the trains with the aus­trian railway com­pany web­site.

By air­plane

Trav­eling to Udine by air, you you can use of the fol­lowing three air­ports.

Marco Polo Venice In­ter­na­tional Air­port (VCE) Aero­porto Marco Polo di Venezia Viale G. Galilei 30/1 30173 Tesser­a-Venezia (Ve)

This air­port is served by sev­eral eu­ro­pean and in­ter­na­tional con­nec­tions. From the air­port, it takes aprox. 20-30 min­utes to reach the Venezia Mestre railway sta­tion by bus/­taxi, and then 1h50m to Udine by train. See the sec­tion about ar­riving by train for de­tails.

The Fly Bus bus ser­vice con­nects the air­port to the railway sta­tion every 20/30 min­utes. Tickets can be bought in­side the air­port; timeta­bles can be checked at the ATVO web­site by se­lecting the bus line Venice Marco Polo Air­port - Mestre railway sta­tion (Fly Bus - ex­press ser­vice).

A few di­rect daily con­nec­tions to Udine by bus are also avail­able by FlixBus (s­e­lect Venice (Marco Polo Air­port)) and Bus­Center (click on Prenota qui twice and then se­lect VENEZIA (AERO­PORTO) as Partenza and UDINE as Des­ti­nazione)

Canova Tre­viso In­ter­na­tional Air­port (TSF) Aero­porto Canova di Tre­vi­so-San­t'An­gelo Viale No­a­lese, 63/E 31100 Tre­viso (TV)

This air­port is served by some eu­ro­pean con­nec­tions (mainly by Ryanair or Wiz­zAir). From the air­port, it takes 10 min­utes by bus to reach the Tre­viso Cen­trale railway sta­tion, and then about 1h20m to Udine by train (des­ti­na­tions Udine or Tri­este C.le). See the sec­tion about ar­riving by train for de­tails.

The urban bus line no. 6 con­nects the air­port to the railway sta­tion with high fre­quency. Tickets can be bought in­side the air­port, and timeta­bles can be checked at the local trans­port com­pany web­site.

Tri­este Air­port (TRS) Aero­porto di Tri­este-Ronchi dei Le­gionari via Aquileia, 46 Ronchi dei Le­gionari (GO)

This air­­port has reg­ular con­nec­­tions with Rome, Mi­lan, Mu­nich and Paris, and low-­cost flights to other des­ti­na­tions in Eu­rope. From the air­port, it takes 30 min­utes to reach Udine by train. Tickets can be pur­chased at the air­port or on­line as any train ticket. In this case, se­lect Tri­este Air­port as the de­par­ture lo­ca­tion.

Al­ter­na­tively, it takes 40 min­utes to reach Udine by bus. Tickets can be pur­chased at the air­port, and timeta­bles can be checked at the APT web­site. In the field Partenza da se­lect AERO­PORTO FVG; in the field Ar­rivo a se­lect Udine (and then Udine Au­tostazione). The bus ticket is rather cheap, while taxis are in­­stead rather ex­pen­­sive.